Tammy Hunter Ph.D


Awarded BEST Counselor in Los Angeles 2015 and 2016. I am a Certified Spiritual Counselor and a Certified Hypnotherapist. I hold a doctorate in Philosophy with a PhD in Metaphysical Science. I also hold a degree in Clinical Hypnosis. I am a featured, published writer based on my counsel of practice.

Your Opinion Of You Is The Only One That Matter

Seeking approval from others withholds your freedom and independence. It can make you a slave to opinions to ensure your emotional balance. This often feels like the most necessary part of life. But true self-fulfillment derives from the Self, the self-concept of you, not another’s view of you. Your self-concept is the source of your self-confidence (not to be confused with arrogance, which is an aspect of insecurity disguised as confidence). Self-confidence is defined as perceiving your own worth, your own strengths and skills. If we place too much value on someone else’s opinions or reactions to us, it can hinder our self-worth. Self-worth is about you and how you value yourself.

We often permit others to perform a particular role in our lives. This is because we desire their endorsements. Perhaps you have a friend, family member, partner, co-worker or boss who controls your feelings because you yearn to please him or her in order to maintain harmony or feel like you matter. What you may not realize is that the approval and harmony you are seeking is nothing that others can give you. It stems from your own insecurities. You are seeking their endorsement for assurance of your value, something you doubt, and this doubt means their approval is only temporarily satisfying. The joyful fulfillment you seek – which we all need – can only come from within you, not from others’ approval of you.

Validation from others rarely comes without cost.  Your neediness can leave you vulnerable to manipulation or control by others. Their desires and goals – their use of you – can have negative consequences to your self-esteem. You think you need what they offer, but you don’t really. Others’ opinions are sometimes helpful, if the other person is wise and cares about you, or even if they just see something you don’t but no individual can be supported 100 percent of the time; therefore, you must learn to rely on yourself for reassurance.

As a counselor and hypnotherapist specializing in the field of metaphysics, I work with my clients to help them comprehend that their need for approval developed early in childhood, deep within the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is responsible for all of your emotions, including the fear of disapproval.

Ways that the Parent/Child Relationship is Responsible for Approval/Disapproval!

We seek approval from others to assist in building our own self-esteem. We were taught as a child that attention feels astounding! The desire individuals have for the love and acceptance of their parents is so intense because it is necessary for the helpless infant to survive. Even the growing child, becoming independent, needs far more care than she or he can give themselves.

What happens is that, over time, we are conditioned to always look for that security. This is often complicated by rejection or ridicule from a parent. Disapproval, coldness, indifference, abandonment, in whatever form or to whatever degree, leaves us feeling unsafe and unprotected. We try even harder—go to any lengths—to get what as children we desperately need. Any means we come up with to get the attention or approval of parents or other caretakers sets a precedent for our lives. Individuals learn to meticulously develop behavior patterns in order to feed this need of approval.

Some approval seeking behaviors are:

·         Expressing agreement when you do not agree

·         Stating yes when you believe no

·         Attempting to manipulate your environment to increase agreement or approval

·         Feeling worried or upset because someone doesn’t agree with you

·         Deforming your personal character or beliefs to fit in

The problem with approval-seeking behaviors is they typically result in the opposite of what you seek. Most individuals admire those who stand up for what they believe in and who are respectful of their own and others’ opinions. Self-validation creates a support for your own beliefs, which ensures self-esteem.

If approval from others is what you seek, begin by approving and valuing yourself first. This is self-worth. In order to develop this incredible trait, you must learn to accept the authentic you. You may be afraid of this person. You may not think the authentic you is worth very much. I believe you are wrong, but I understand the fear. You may need to start slowly. Identify qualities in yourself that you like and appreciate. Just one quality…then another. When you do or say something that makes you feel good about who you are, affirm it! Acknowledge your hard work and be proud of your decisions. Do not look around for another’s approval. Take the opportunity to stand on your own. Your liberation will be exhilarating!

It will be easier the next time. As with everything, habit develops, and you begin to see that in fact you are a unique person, someone you like and admire.

Once value and worth has been established, like magic everything in your life will begin to change. Creating self-fulfillment through self-worth gives you independence and freedom from others’ judgments and approvals. Your opinion of you is the only one that matters!

Speak Up—Speak Out—Expose Yourself (Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking)

Fears and phobias can have so much influence over our lives that they restrict us from actually experiencing life as demonstrated by Trina Braxton on the hit reality television show Braxton Family Values. As Trina’s hypnotherapist, I helped her conquer her fear of birds. However, the most common phobia of all is the fear of public speaking. That’s right—what we’re most afraid of is each other. Specifically, others’ opinions of us.

Glossophobia, also known as the fear of public speaking, is a form of communication anxiety. It’s closely related to performance anxiety since it is based on how others will judge you in a public setting where the focus is on you. Symptoms can range from a little apprehension to overwhelming panic. Let us explore the essential difference between fear and phobia. If you are able to manage your speaking engagements with mild symptoms such as nervousness or over preparation, you are experiencing fear. However, if you are suffering symptoms such as sweating, increased heart rate, dry mouth, difficulty breathing, or feelings of extreme dread—like you are about to die—you are experiencing a phobia.  

Fear of public speaking is often linked to low self-esteem and low self-confidence and can become a self-fulfilling prophecy as it holds you back and causes you to miss opportunities. Some common examples are refusing to give a speech, demonstration or presentation that would benefit you; not voicing your opinion when you have the correct answer at school or a good idea at work; declining a job opportunity because it would mean presenting in front of others. Long-term outcomes can include a diminished career, frustration, depression, and even unemployment.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can help minimize your panic.

Systematic Desensitization is a hierarchy technique used to treat fears/phobias based on behavior modification. This is the method that I successfully used to help Trina Braxton conquer her phobia.  This therapeutic technique can drastically reduce anxiety and enable you to do that which you dreadfully fear. The first step in overcoming is to establish a list consisting of three panic scenarios. Next, rank the anxiety from least to most fearful.

An example of a Glossophobia hierarchy might be:

1.      I practice for my speech at work by talking into my mirror with tranquility and confidence.


2.      I practice for my speech at work in front of family or friends with tranquility and confidence.


3.      I present my speech at work with the tranquility and confidence that I have demonstrated through rehearsal.

As a counselor and hypnotherapist specializing in the field of clinical and metaphysical hypnosis, I can tell you that the panic you are experiencing in regards to your fear has been conditioned by the conscious mind and believed by the unconscious mind. “Conditioned” means that we have learned it through repetition. The more you tell yourself that you are afraid of speaking in public, the more you will believe it.

Fortunately, there is a way to reverse the process by counter-conditioning through systematic desensitization using the hierarchy that you have created.

Systematic Desensitization consists of three important procedures:

1.      Progressive relaxation

2.      Realistic anxiety hierarchy

3.      Combining relaxation such as meditation or hypnosis with the situations described in your anxiety hierarchy

I always encourage my clients to create an affirmation and visualization of empowerment to use while completing the desensitization process in meditation or hypnosis. Affirmations and visualizations are also a form of conditioning, meaning the conscious mind is telling the unconscious mind what to believe. Coping mechanisms such as hypnosis or meditation to induce relaxation must be used in conjunction with desensitization since it is impossible to experience anxiety and relaxation at the same time.

Begin your relaxation process by finding a quiet, comfortable place to sit, recline or lie down. Close your eyes and focus on peace flowing throughout your body. State your affirmation and keep your thoughts on it. Focus on particular muscles within your body. Begin with the toes—telling them to relax and slowly move up your body, giving each muscle group permission to let go of tension until you have reached the scalp. By now, your affirmation will be fading, sinking into your unconscious mind.

Hold onto this tranquility and begin introducing your least fearful scenario from your hierarchy:

1.      See yourself practicing your speech in front of the mirror. Once the dread peaks, bring back the affirmation and visualization. Wait until the process works and you are calm and confident, then go on to the next level of the hierarchy.


2.      See yourself presenting the speech in front of friends or family, once the dead peaks, bring back the affirmation and visualization. Wait until you are calm and confident then go to the most fearful level of the hierarchy.



3.      See yourself arriving at the building with your notes in hand; walking to the podium; looking out at the audience of dozens of people who have come to hear a self-possessed, bright and engaging person speak. Use the exact same process—let the fear peak, then relax yourself and bring back the affirmation and visualization.

Once you have completed the desensitization process, allow yourself to remain in a calm, safe emotional state for a moment before counting from 1-5 to bring yourself to full alertness.

Now that the desensitization process has concluded, it’s time to introduce exposure therapy. Exposure therapy means just that—you expose yourself to the real world, doing some of the things that frighten you. It’s therapy because you do it by choice. Once you have a little practice, such as your mirror, you can begin doing this at work. The important things are to make the decision that you will take control of your fear, to start small and gradually increase exposure, and to always remember to use your affirmation and visualization for empowerment as you find yourself needing the comfort.

Whatever your fear may be, take your power back from the panic that is holding you hostage. Reclaim self-esteem and self-confidence and let everyone hear what you have to say…

Speak Up—Speak Out—Expose Yourself!

Escaping Emotional Imprisonment

If you struggle with rejection and abandonment concerns, then you undoubtedly understand the term “Emotional Imprisonment.” The feeling of being rejected or abandoned is often developed in childhood, typically resulting from the actions or inactions of primary caregivers. Having your basic needs for food, shelter, love and safety not met or met inconsistently is a trauma that sets up mistrust within the early relationships that set a course for the future. Once the chains of mistrust have been shackled onto the unconscious mind, an individual is sentenced to a lifetime in the brig repeating a destructive pattern within all his or her relationships.

Think about life as a journey at sea. The unconscious mind is the ship, and the conscious mind the captain. At times the sea is calm, but can often be rough and frightening. Unless the captain steps in to navigate the ship, it can drift aimlessly, unaware of its destination or its course.

The beginning of a new liaison is wonderful and invigorating. It can seem easy to trust. This is because the hope that we all carry—things will be different this time—is activated by a new start. As time passes, we learn that the other person isn’t perfect; something that we might have known in theory but hadn’t yet seen in practice. Their human flaws wake underlying fears. We become hypersensitive to words, tones, behaviors and actions. This then triggers anxiety and the gnawing worry that the trauma will be repeated. We unconsciously search for evidence to support our belief that the event that started the rejection and abandonment is an essential part of our life, our “fate.”

Children see the world in very stark terms: whatever happens is due to good or bad luck, their parents’ problems, or an unjust society. If their universe is one of pain, they withdraw emotionally. As adults in a new relationship, the old coping mechanism kicks in sabotaging love by creating doubts and uncertainties. Once again, the relationship pattern has been repeated.

Recognizing this pattern within your behavior is essential for changing it. As a counselor and hypnotherapist, I guide clients in understanding their unconscious behaviors by asking a few simple questions.

1.      Can you describe your childhood?

2.      Can you relate your current feeling of mistrust to your childhood?

3.      Can you identify your relationship patterns?

Why is it imperative to connect our emotions to our childhood?

The unconscious mind is developed in early childhood and is responsible for all emotions throughout your life. Whether positive or negative, everything learned in childhood is etched very deeply on your soul and will be unconsciously repeated throughout adult life…until, that is, you decide to alter course.

Change can be brought about in the conscious and/or the unconscious mind. I assist clients in bringing about transformation by utilizing both aspects of the mind. Through the power of hypnosis, I can interact directly with the unconscious mind, helping to create change while the conscious mind sleeps.

Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool for healthy transformation. Find a quiet, relaxing place for meditation and incorporate soft lighting, music, and a candle. Have a positive affirmation memorized to guide the unconscious mind toward the desired change. Something as simple as “I am willing to trust” is sufficient. In a sense, you become your own parent, reassuring the frightened child within. You take on the role of the wise, loving authority.

Make sure the affirmation resonates with you. After your surrounding is conditioned for meditation, clear your mind and begin to focus on shallow breaths. This will create a path for self-hypnosis. Begin repeating your affirmation slowly as your conscious mind starts to drift, allowing for direct communication with the unconscious mind.

Transformation also occurs when the conscious mind wants to change an unhealthy habit or pattern. Examples are committing to weight loss after many years of unhealthy eating or being determined to rebuild trust. Each individual has experienced a time within their lives when they …HAVE HAD ENOUGH…and, therefore, change was made. This is a different way of asserting authority. These moments reflect that the captain has just altered navigation of the ship and steered life in a new direction.

Rebuilding trust is about a shift in power. When mistrust is present, you are powerless, although you believe that your suspicion is a tool that protects you. Reflect back to your childhood and try to make any necessary connection to your current fears. Identify and acknowledge patterns within your relationships. Let go of negative past experiences while reminding yourself that you are and always will be safe and in control of your life.

Understanding that trust is not about finding the perfect and most trustworthy person that will never hurt you, but about being empowered by freeing yourself from the past. Do not permit your mind to manipulate you by sabotaging your relationships and continually leading you into a dangerous sea. Permit the captain to gain control by steering you into tranquil waters, allowing you to escape emotional imprisonment.

Free Yourself From the Bondage of Pain

Free Yourself From the Bondage of Pain

By: Dr. Tammy Hunter

Imagine, if you will, a pain-free day—every day! If you are suffering from physical pain, as a result of disease, injury, or the accumulated burdens of age, help is on the way. Body Syndromes is a metaphysical concept that allows us to contemplate the connection between emotional/psychological stress and physical pain. Stress and pain are closely intertwined.  By becoming conscious of how the two are linked in your life and taking control of their influence on each other, you can drastically reduce any negative effect!

Metaphysics draws upon the insights of traditional philosophy and the metaphysical sciences and extends beyond them in search of general principles that help us to understand, predict and even shape human feelings and experiences.

As humans, we absorb messages metaphorically. The Body Syndromes concept supports this theory. This approach states that when the conscious mind receives stress, the unconscious mind processes it metaphorically.

Examples of Body Syndromes include:

·         Eyes: not seeing things clearly

·         Shoulders or back: carrying burdens

·         Digestion: unable to digest life or particular experiences

·         Legs: trouble moving forward

·         Feet: not feeling grounded

As a counselor and hypnotherapist specializing in the field of metaphysics, I work from a basic but powerful premise: that all things in our existence are created by the mind, including our pain! Pain Management begins by taking responsibility for the stress and anxiety in your life and how it might be manifesting in your physical body.

Another metaphysical concept to explore is the meaning of the parts of the human body. The right side of the body, for example, is said to be masculine, and the left side feminine. Using the list above, if an individual is suffering from leg pain on the left side of the body, he should inquire as to where in his life he is having difficulty moving forward. Subsequently, he might explore the possibility that there is a concern regarding a female in his life, or a need to develop or pay attention to feminine energy such as intuition, wisdom, or knowledge.

In addition to understanding the powerful connection between the mind and body, hypnosis can be very beneficial and effective in breaking the cycle of pain. Numerous studies have shown that the majority of participants suffering from chronic pain obtained substantial relief from hypnosis.   

In my practice, I assist clients in overcoming pain through hypnosis. What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness, allowing you to become more open to suggestions or commands because the conscious portion of the mind has temporarily closed itself off, as in sleep. Once that is done, you are then able to focus on relaxing and disconnecting from the painful area of the body.

Dr. Tammy’s tips for relieving pain:

1.      Identify the pain and the possible link to the pain.

2.      Meditate for at least 15 minutes.

3.      During meditation, isolate the pain within your body.

4.      Assign it details such as a color, shape, or even a name.

5.      With chronic pain, visualize the entity exiting your body, even being pulled out of your body. With acute pain, envision the inability to feel your agony by creating a numbing sensation surrounding the suffering, such as an icepack applied to the hurt area.                                                                                           


Repeat these steps as often as needed for pain relief. It may take a little time to learn the knack of it, and we all improve with practice. It is also important to remember that since we are physical beings, physical pain is a part of life, often a very useful one. Pain gives us information about our health and habits, whether it be signs of disease or the fact that we are overdoing our exercise regimen. Even so, once you have listened and understood the message of pain, there is no reason to keep suffering, as so many do.


A positive emotional life can drastically affect one’s physical life, and vice versa. To optimize your experience of being “in a body”—able to enjoy all the pleasures of motion and the senses—create a personal affirmation to use such as “I am free of pain” and then repeat it often.


Do not let emotional or physical pain have control over your life anymore. Reclaim your power. Once the moment of relief comes, remind yourself that the existence of a pain-free life is what you deserve. The time has come to Free Yourself From the Bondage of Pain!


Always consult your medical doctor before starting any pain management regimen.





Mirror, Mirror on the Wall; NO NEED for a Magical Mirror at All!

As the fairy tale portrays, the evil queen sought validation for her exquisite beauty from an external source, the magical mirror. The reality is, effective validation comes from within. We as humans are a reflection of our essence both inside and out. Creating personal growth begins with observing your individual interior and exterior existence.

If you desire change, search no further. Begin to recognize who you are and the beliefs you have about yourself. The answers are all around you. Let me explain. The evil queen did not actually have confidence in the fact that she was the fairest of them all. That which she sought confirmation for, she did not believe she possessed. She did not trust in her own exquisiteness because she lacked the capacity to acknowledge attractiveness, and even forbade beauty to exist within others.

As a counselor and hypnotherapist specializing in the field of metaphysics, I work with my clients by exploring the fact that their external world is the reflection of their internal world, and vice versa. Through metaphysical philosophies, I explain the world we encompass and are encompassed by. I begin by suggesting that everything in existence is energy, including our thoughts (universal energy) and our behaviors (physical energy). Our exterior world (physical energy) reflects our interior world (universal energy), which is a mirror of true self-reflection. This concept is called “External Replication.” 

All of us possess our own unique energy signature. This distinct energy signature has a frequency that is transmitted to our outer worlds…Like equals Like! Ever hear the saying “birds of a feather flock together?” Our friends, our jobs, our relationships, virtually everything in our outer world is a replication of our inner world. Positive and negative; healthy and unhealthy.

Recognizing the positive and healthy attributes of External Replication can be exciting, motivating, and reassuring. On the other hand, challenging though it may be, personal growth and evolution arise from exploring the undesirable External Replications in our lives.

Let us consider the fairytale of the evil queen as an example. Each morning upon wakening, she required confirmation from a magical mirror that she was truly beautiful. What does this imply? External Replication indicates that due to the daily validation she needed, she did not believe herself beautiful. In fact, she was so afraid that she wasn’t beautiful, or not beautiful enough, that she was willing to murder her stepdaughter to retain the title “fairest of them all.”

When I see clients who want to create personal growth and change, I immediately focus on two areas of concern. First, External Replication and second, The Universal Law of Reflection. Universal laws draw upon the insights of the metaphysical sciences and traditional philosophies and extends beyond them to help us understand, predict and even shape our very own personal experiences.

The Universal Law of Reflection suggests that both the positive and negative traits that you recognize in others, you actually identify within yourself. There are three basic components of reflection:

First, that which you admire in others is something you recognize as existing within yourself. Maybe you’re conscious of it, maybe not. Most likely you recognize that you admire those who hold your values, or have advantages that you think important…because they are yours! Ever find yourself making statements like, wow…she has a beautiful face, or, man…he is a hard worker? If so, these are actually traits that you admire within yourself! Meaning, you believe that you possess a beautiful face and you, too, are a hard worker.  So far, so good.


Second, that which you resist represents something you are afraid of. Ever have a resistance to trying a new exotic food? How about that judgment you feel toward those who take more risks than you do or are openly very affectionate with their loved ones? We resist that which we fear. We as humans have a comfort zone, and when we feel threatened by change or the possibility of loss, we resist out of fear.

Third, that which you react to is the thing you dislike within yourself. We all experience behaviors we dislike in others. When we react, we have unconsciously attached our own negative emotion about ourselves to the other person. Our reactions are telling our emotional secrets that we believe we hide from both the world and ourselves. What kind of person can you just not stand? The liar? The lazybones? The gossip? Maybe you’re not exactly like that person, but…is there some part of you that is less than honest, that is taking the easy way, that is indiscreet?

A Facebook Inspirationalist, Cheyenne Mauria, recently told her followers: “Nothing happens to me, it happens because of me. It is my personal obligation to take responsibility for my disappointments along with my successes.” This quote embodies self-responsibility, which is essential for the Universal Law of Reflection to work effectively.

Using External Replication and the Law of Reflection, the evil queen – had she been willing –   could have begun to understand that an area of focus for personal growth would be self-confidence and self-esteem. Like the queen, each of us could benefit from placing a little more value on our own self-worth!


Mirror, Mirror on the wall…I DO NOT need you after all!





Infertility to Fertility: The Metaphoric Garden

Gardens with all their vibrant blossoms and radiant flowers blooming are frequently a metaphor for the inevitable growth of an exciting new conception. Mother Nature initiates gestation with fertile ground, planting seeds and determination. Evolution begins with fertility—if, that is, you are fortunate enough to have avoided infertility.

Infertility can be defined as the inability to conceive for approximately one year. Being unable to become pregnant, in spite of many attempts, can be frustrating and emotionally agonizing. After months and often years of trying, some turn to outside sources for help.

Many available medical treatments can significantly improve the chances of pregnancy; these include hormone treatments, fertility drugs, and even surgery. Statistics show that medical treatments combined with alternative therapy can, in fact, substantially increase fertility rates.

In my practice, numerous clients have achieved conception through a combination of appropriate medical treatments and my unique therapeutic technique utilizing metaphysics and hypnosis!

How Metaphysics and Hypnosis Help to Conceive a Pregnancy:

Metaphysics draws upon the insights of traditional philosophies and the physical sciences and extends beyond them in search of the general principles or laws that govern human existence. These insights help us to understand, predict and even shape our feelings and experiences.

One such principle, The Universal Law of Polarity, suggests that everything in the universe has a complementary opposite. Good-Bad, Happy-Sad, Positive-Negative, Light-Dark, etc. In regards to infertility, the polar opposite, Create-Destroy, can be present, complicating matters. Understanding polarity helps us to see where our belief lies and is affecting outcomes. If we have created a belief of infertility—the polar opposite of what we want—we must destroy this belief, and create a belief of fertility!

As a counselor and hypnotherapist, I recognize that the subconscious mind is where the influence is exerted and change occurs, because everything in existence is energy…including your belief!

If Changing Belief is Where the Power Lies, How does this Compelling Shift Occur?

Change starts to occur while practicing The Universal Law of Intention. This law suggests that focused thought energy (belief) equals intention (goal). Thought energy must be directed at the specific outcome you want (not the one you fear) because your mind creates your reality!

In my practice, I see many frustrated clients suffering from infertility concerns. I begin by explaining that the framework of the mind can change the body. It may seem complicated but it’s really quite simple!

Change can be brought about at an alarming rate by:

·         A shift in universal energy (your intention)

·         Belief (your belief must correspond to your intention)

·         Emotions (your emotions must correspond with your belief)

The first step in creation is your intention. Your intention is your objective. For instance, your intention is to conceive a child in the year 2016. Perfect! Since focused thought energy can shape human experiences, we must shift it in the direction of your intention…CONCEPTION!

The universe is controlled by energy that you cannot see resulting in what you can see…your intention.

Next comes belief. It is through belief that we can overcome any obstacle, including infertility! Do you find yourself surrendering to doubt? If so, you MUST let go of all fear! Shift the energy towards trust. Doubts of your fertility can be prominent and powerful, so be mindful. The unpredictable nature of family planning, even in the best of circumstances (not everyone gets pregnant the first month they try), can feed a tendency toward negativity or uncertainty, creating a deeper alliance with disbelief. Recognize these doubts and then let them go. Have faith that all things are possible…even fertility! I am continuously affirming with my clients:

“Change your belief…Change your life!”

Finally, your emotions drastically intensify belief. It is imperative that you attach optimistic feelings to your intention. Interlacing your thoughts with inspiring emotions such as joy, love, hope and encouragement can intensify your energy and propel it in the direction you desire. You must believe with confidence and feel the emotions of your intended manifestation!

Imagine yourself pregnant. See the baby in your arms. Feel the warmth and love you will give that child, the bond that will last your lifetime. Know yourself as a life-giver, a nurturer, and a caretaker. Become the mother you are destined to be.

Intention + Belief + Emotion = Manifestation!

Mother Nature has now initiated gestation. Therefore, weed the ground of your metaphoric garden and uproot any disbelief. Begin pollinating your new beliefs and watch the seeds germinate in this fertile ground of endless opportunity. Allow your new thoughts to take root and create the intention. Your new insight is a flower in the garden of infinite possibility.

infertility—Polar Opposite—FERTILITY!




Money Does Grow on Trees

Spring has sprung and for many of us that means planting the seeds to help Mother Nature birth an endless supply of life-giving possibilities. We’ve all heard the saying time and time again, “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees,” but that’s simply not true! We can use the Laws of the Universe to sow the seeds and, like magic, watch our own personal money tree grow!

As a counselor and hypnotherapist specializing in the field of metaphysics, I begin with a basic but powerful premise: that all things in existence, both things we can see (physical) and those that we cannot (universal), are based on energy, including money flow! In fact, money may be one of the best metaphors for energy there is. It moves through our society invisibly, digitally, yet powers everything around us.

What determines our Personal Flow of Money?

In my practice when working with clients who are seeking prosperity manifestation, I explain how this works. I begin, “Your money flow is actually dependent upon you.” Most of the time, the response is the same, an eyebrow raise, so I continue by asking, “What are your true emotions regarding money? Fear, worry, resentment or panic?”

I then ask, “Ever find yourself thinking these types of negative thoughts?”

·         There never seems to be enough.

·         Being generous with my giving is not an option.

·         Good luck never happens to me.

Inevitably, the answer is yes. Sometimes people have very elaborate rationales for why they will never be prosperous—and yet still don’t see that their thinking is affecting their reality. I ask them to consider why rich people tend to stay rich, and poor people tend to stay poor. Statistics even show lottery winnings are lost at an alarming rate. Why is that? It’s because your belief about money—and about yourself—creates your flow of money through the mechanisms of goodwill and opportunity. Ah, a moment of clarity. The eyebrow raise immediately turns into a jaw-dropping realization.

Emotional Energy (your vibration) generates Physical Energy (your prosperity)

Emotions can and will accelerate energy direction. Like energy attracts like energy so you want to always keep it positive. Since your money flow is dictated by your emotional energy (how you feel about money), you must never fear, worry, or panic over finances because any negativity will affect your prosperity (your physical energy). Universal energy must correspond to your vibration. It cannot contradict itself in any way. If you find yourself worrying, don’t worry about worrying! Just put the thought aside. Tell yourself that is the past you, not the current you. In time, it will become second nature.

Can we actually go from a state of financial lack to financial gain? With a redirection of energy, the answer is yes!

Energy inhabits all space. It cannot be created nor destroyed, only redirected. By applying these simple steps you can shift your energetic money flow towards abundance because Energy must follow Universal Laws!

1.      Universal Law of Abundance: This law states that we have access to an unlimited supply of financial prosperity through the infinite source of the universe. Lack is only an option. Abundance is already yours! This is something you can meditate on until you feel it. It may help to do this in a place of peace and beauty: a garden, the beach, the woods, or even an art museum.


2.      Universal Law of Giving and Receiving: This law dictates that we must give to receive. We cannot resist giving and be desperate to receive; this disrupts energy flow. If we stop the flow of giving, we stop the flow of receiving. Energy must be able to flow in and out of your life. Give of your possessions, your talents, your attention and warmth. Be open. Enjoy giving.


3.      Universal Law of Cause and Effect (or Karma): This law states for every Cause there is an Effect and for every Effect there is a Cause. Nothing happens by chance. This law determines your destiny: what you give, you will receive.


By following these steps in conjunction with belief and positivity, you will see that abundance has been yours all along! Mother Nature has demonstrated the life-giving possibilities of endless prosperity through universal wisdom using the seeds you have planted. Money Does Grow on Trees!


Mastering Resolutions

The age-old belief that each New Year brings an opportunity for self-improvement and transformation motivates the resolutions that so many of us make toward the end of the holiday season. If you have made such New Year’s Resolutions, however, then you are probably also familiar with the challenge of losing momentum as the months pass and the demands of daily life take over.

Is there anything that we can do to maintain our goals and thereby Master our Resolutions? The answer is yes!

As a counselor and hypnotherapist specializing in the field of metaphysics, I begin with a basic but powerful premise: that all things in existence are based in energy, including our goals!

Why is that? Because our resolutions for self-improvement must be manifested through thoughts, words, and actions, all of which are based in energy. You must be clear and precise when setting your objective because everything is energy! We can acquire the knowledge we need to succeed by using the Universal Laws of Intention and Action to actualize our intentions and manifest our desires.

Let us explore how you can accomplish this year’s resolutions by applying The Universal Laws. Ask yourself these questions:

·         What are my precise thoughts and objectives regarding my goal?

·         What steps have I taken towards achieving this goal?

·         How will I feel when I achieve my goal? 

The Law of Action plus The Law of Intention creates your Resolution!

Precision is key when working towards your goal (your intention). It is important that you achieve clarity about what you want. Change is brought about by focusing your conscious awareness (your thoughts) toward both attention (your action) and intention (your goal). Your attention is focused on the actions that you take in the present and your intention is set to manifest your goal in the future. Action and Intention work hand in hand to direct the energy flow towards your desired manifestation. Emotions are also a must in propelling and focusing your energy. It is imperative that you attach positive feelings to the goal you seek to accomplish.

In my practice, I often work with frustrated clients who are unable to achieve their goals, including one of the most common examples of a New Year’s Resolution--weight loss. I begin each session by introducing the Universal Laws and their potential for focusing our source energy to achieve transformation. I then ask each client about their specific methods of achieving their goal, and guide them through the process of completion.

What is the intention of your weight loss?

You need to align the exact purpose of your weight loss with the Universal Laws, so it is vitally important to clarify this in your own mind. This reason can differ from person to person, including to achieve a healthier lifestyle, live a longer and more active life or improve your body image.

Remember to be specific, for this is your intention (your goal).

What Action have you taken towards weight loss?

What physical attention (your action) have you taken for weight loss reduction? Examples might include a reduction in portion size, cutting back on sugars, or beginning a new exercise program.

When you picture yourself after achieving your weight loss goal, how do you feel?

Now, close your eyes and envision yourself after your desired weight loss. You’ve accomplished your goal! How do you feel? Ah…here it is, the emotion that you are seeking through the Law of Action and the Law of Intention.

Now the Universe must Correspond to this emotion. It’s that simple!

Be careful not to let a sense of urgency or anxiety bring about negativity or discouragement while on your journey. This causes internal conflict and can disrupt the energy flow that you are directing toward manifesting your resolution. Emotions are very important where energy is concerned so ALWAYS keep it positive!

What are you waiting for? Your goal is actually waiting for you! Allow the Universal Laws to manifest your desires. Let your new year be your new way of thinking and become the Master of your own Resolutions in 2016!

Always consult your medical doctor before starting any type of nutritional or exercise regimen.


Manifesting Your Valentine

Manifesting Your Valentine

By Dr. Tammy Hunter

With Valentine’s Day approaching, love is in the air. During this special time of the year, as the life-giving possibilities of Spring reawaken in our imaginations, it is natural for us to wonder how we might attract the love we seek into our life. As a counselor and hypnotherapist trained in the field of metaphysics, I begin with a basic but powerful premise: that all things in existence, including our desire for love, are energy-related.

Metaphysics draws upon the insights of traditional philosophy and the metaphysical sciences and extends beyond them in search of general principles or laws that help us to understand, predict and even shape human feelings and experiences. One such principle, The Universal Law of Attraction, proposes that the energetic vibration you give off as a living, conscious being determines your ability to attract and manifest loving relationships with others.

To explore this powerful approach, begin by asking yourself the following three questions:

·         What is my dominant belief, or disbelief, regarding love?

·         What is my dominant belief, or disbelief, regarding relationships?

·         What is my dominant belief, or disbelief, regarding deservedness?  

Vibration plus dominant belief generates your Law of Attraction.

Your vibration governs your visualization. Therefore, when you visualize a loving, committed relationship, and you possess a dominant belief that all men or women are noncommittal, your result will always generate a noncommittal relationship. Why? Because this belief dictates your vibration and The Law of Attraction must correspond.

So how does one recognize their own vibration? In my practice when I work with clients with this concern, I always ask, “What is it you seek in a relationship?” After we discover what it is they do want, but are not attracting, I then ask another imperative question. “What is it that you do NOT want in a relationship?” Ah ha, a lightbulb moment! What they do not want is their dominant belief about relationships, which in turn creates their vibration.

So according to these basic metaphysical principles your dominant belief is actually responsible for what and who you attract into your life. What comes next? The first step is to learn to be conscious of and redirect your energy flow. How can you do this?

·         Stop believing your own negative self-talk and focus on the positive.

·         Realize that the universe offers us infinite possibilities.

·         Attach a positive emotion as you visualize your desired outcome. 

We don’t appreciate it when others speak negatively to or about us, so why should we allow ourselves to do the same thing? Positive self-talk is very significant in helping to change your energy flow and attract friends and lovers who will value you for who you are and play a positive role in your life. Once you have established positive self-talk as a centerpiece of your everyday thoughts and self-image, it is important to realize that life is full of infinite possibilities. If you commit to the belief that anything your mind can conceive is in fact possible, then having the relationship in your life that you have desired all along will become a much more attainable goal. Last and certainly not least, it is important that you attach emotional feelings to your positive thoughts. Weaving your thoughts together with uplifting emotions such as joy, love, openness, honesty, and generosity can change your vibrational pattern and propel it in the direction you desire.

Taking these critical steps can transform the habitual negative beliefs that so often limit our sense of the possibilities of life. This simple but powerful approach will help you focus your vibrational energy, connect to the universal wisdom of the Law of Attraction, and—as winter’s chill yields to the nourishing warmth of spring—manifest the Valentine you have been seeking all along!