Tammy Hunter Ph.D


Awarded BEST Counselor in Los Angeles 2015 and 2016. I am a Certified Spiritual Counselor and a Certified Hypnotherapist. I hold a doctorate in Philosophy with a PhD in Metaphysical Science. I also hold a degree in Clinical Hypnosis. I am a featured, published writer based on my counsel of practice.

Manifesting Your Valentine

Manifesting Your Valentine

By Dr. Tammy Hunter

With Valentine’s Day approaching, love is in the air. During this special time of the year, as the life-giving possibilities of Spring reawaken in our imaginations, it is natural for us to wonder how we might attract the love we seek into our life. As a counselor and hypnotherapist trained in the field of metaphysics, I begin with a basic but powerful premise: that all things in existence, including our desire for love, are energy-related.

Metaphysics draws upon the insights of traditional philosophy and the metaphysical sciences and extends beyond them in search of general principles or laws that help us to understand, predict and even shape human feelings and experiences. One such principle, The Universal Law of Attraction, proposes that the energetic vibration you give off as a living, conscious being determines your ability to attract and manifest loving relationships with others.

To explore this powerful approach, begin by asking yourself the following three questions:

·         What is my dominant belief, or disbelief, regarding love?

·         What is my dominant belief, or disbelief, regarding relationships?

·         What is my dominant belief, or disbelief, regarding deservedness?  

Vibration plus dominant belief generates your Law of Attraction.

Your vibration governs your visualization. Therefore, when you visualize a loving, committed relationship, and you possess a dominant belief that all men or women are noncommittal, your result will always generate a noncommittal relationship. Why? Because this belief dictates your vibration and The Law of Attraction must correspond.

So how does one recognize their own vibration? In my practice when I work with clients with this concern, I always ask, “What is it you seek in a relationship?” After we discover what it is they do want, but are not attracting, I then ask another imperative question. “What is it that you do NOT want in a relationship?” Ah ha, a lightbulb moment! What they do not want is their dominant belief about relationships, which in turn creates their vibration.

So according to these basic metaphysical principles your dominant belief is actually responsible for what and who you attract into your life. What comes next? The first step is to learn to be conscious of and redirect your energy flow. How can you do this?

·         Stop believing your own negative self-talk and focus on the positive.

·         Realize that the universe offers us infinite possibilities.

·         Attach a positive emotion as you visualize your desired outcome. 

We don’t appreciate it when others speak negatively to or about us, so why should we allow ourselves to do the same thing? Positive self-talk is very significant in helping to change your energy flow and attract friends and lovers who will value you for who you are and play a positive role in your life. Once you have established positive self-talk as a centerpiece of your everyday thoughts and self-image, it is important to realize that life is full of infinite possibilities. If you commit to the belief that anything your mind can conceive is in fact possible, then having the relationship in your life that you have desired all along will become a much more attainable goal. Last and certainly not least, it is important that you attach emotional feelings to your positive thoughts. Weaving your thoughts together with uplifting emotions such as joy, love, openness, honesty, and generosity can change your vibrational pattern and propel it in the direction you desire.

Taking these critical steps can transform the habitual negative beliefs that so often limit our sense of the possibilities of life. This simple but powerful approach will help you focus your vibrational energy, connect to the universal wisdom of the Law of Attraction, and—as winter’s chill yields to the nourishing warmth of spring—manifest the Valentine you have been seeking all along!