Tammy Hunter Ph.D


Awarded BEST Counselor in Los Angeles 2015 and 2016. I am a Certified Spiritual Counselor and a Certified Hypnotherapist. I hold a doctorate in Philosophy with a PhD in Metaphysical Science. I also hold a degree in Clinical Hypnosis. I am a featured, published writer based on my counsel of practice.

"Belief has the power to change your inner state and your outer world."

-John Paul Warren


Sexual Trauma/PTSD (Male & Female)

Sexual Trauma can consist of many things which could lead to anxiety, stress, worry, doubt and anger. Clinical Hypnosis has been used for most trauma-based clients because it accelerates the healing process. Transpersonal Counseling is a Mind-Body approach to setting you free from the entrapment. I will teach you how to live the live that you deserve!


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Client Review: "I suffered sexual trauma as a child and never realized how it had imprisoned me until I was referred to Dr. Tammy. After meeting with her I now realize that these events of the past were holding me back from the life I wanted. Dr. Tammy has helped me release my pain and move forward. She taught me that I deserve to be free and happy and my life is better now than it has ever been, in every area possible. Dr. Tammy is truly amazing!" T.C.


“’Infertile’ women utilizing hypnosis techniques have a 42-55% conception rate as compared to 20% with IVF alone.”

-Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association and the Journal of Fertility and Sterility

A concern for many women is the fear associated with the inability to conceive a baby. Year after year millions of dollars are spent on modern medicine to improve the rate of conception resulting in an explosion of financial and emotional hardships spent in the pursuit of pregnancy.

Studies have shown that including hypnotherapy in their treatment can double the success rate by releasing stress and anxiety, emotional blocks, negative feelings and changing your beliefs. Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective resource to maximize the possibility of conceiving either naturally or with the help of medical assistance.

Client Review:

"My husband and I were trying to conceive a child and were told by fertility specialist that our chances were very low. But before we went onto using fertility with the cost being so high. We decided to try on our own. After a year of trying with no success. I had done some research on alternative methods for infertility. I had read that relaxation was the best technique.

Many friends suggested acupuncture but I never found that to be relaxing with all the needles so I looked into hypnotherapy. I came across Dr. Tammy Hunter and decided to give it a shot. She spent a lot of time talking to me about prenatal stress and the difficulty with an infertility diagnosis. At the time my level of anxiety was high and she wanted to work with me on managing my anxiety to help me overcome fear and create a release in my stress level.

Once we started counseling I would come home from our hypnotherapy sessions and sleep for an hour so relaxed. The imagery she gave me and the tools she empowered me with were so strong that after only 4 visits I woke up one morning sick to my stomach and decide to take a pregnancy test and low and behold I was pregnant! I am now expecting a beautiful baby boy due in February 2016!!

I know Dr. Tammy and her hypnotherapy sessions are responsible for this miracle child that my husband and I waited so long for! Dr. Tammy Hunter is the best Certified Hypnotherapist in the San Fernando Valley hands down! I am so appreciative to her for all the she has done for me in our sessions and continue to see her for relaxation thought my pregnancy.

Thank you Dr. Tammy for all you have done to help our dream of having a family come true!"  M.S.








































































































































































































































































































































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